Macandrew Bay

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Macandrew Bay is named after James Macandrew, first Member of Parliament for
Dunedin (1853) and subsequently Minister of Lands and Public Works (1877). He was also Superintendent of the Province of Otago in 1860, and again from 1867 until provincial government was abolished in 1876.

Originally, the area was known to Maori (Otakau Kai Tahu) as Te Rotopateke “The
Place of the Brown Duck”. All the points and bays on the Otago Peninsula once bore evidence of occupation by Maori, with umu (ovens) nohoanga (campsites) and waka (Canoes). For Kai Tahu, and the first European settlers, the harbour was of course their highway. The road to Portobello was subsequently built by prison labour, and its construction was largely funded by a toll gate some 4km closer to Dunedin.