All about Macandrew Bay

Macandrew Bay is situated in the South Island of New Zealand to the Otago Peninsula. It is named for pioneer settler James Macandrew who resided here during his later life, and is situated on the border of Otago Harbour. Early residents of the region known as the bay “The Hundreds”, because of the many boulders which covered the foreshore.

Macandrew Bay is a suburb of Dunedin, but has the feel of an isolated coastal settlement and is usually regarded as another township, despite the fact that the center of the town is observable 10 kilometres away in the head of the harbour. It’s a harbourside escape in the city as well as both a commuter. The 2001 population of Macandrew Bay was 1131.

A narrow road which rises towards the inner part of the Peninsula is centred on a location across the junction of Portobello Road and Greenacres Street, the latter by the settlement. Greenacres Street approximately follows the valley of the Rodgers Creek that is little. The community hall lies to the low part of Greenacres Street close to its junction with Portobello Road, as well as the few stores of the settlement lie to the southwest of the junction. Behind these stores lie the community’s primary the latter of which contains the grave of James Macandrew, school and graveyard.

The bay includes a little shore opposite the stores, which will be well-used by people. The shore is made unnaturally, with sand brought to the bay in the Pacific coast that was nearby. The region across the shore continues to be turned right into a public park that was little, and landscaping of this was finished in 1979.

Macandrew Bay is the biggest of several settlements which lie on the harbour shore of Otago Peninsula. Between Dunedin lies Glenfalloch and it, a private gardens open to the general public.

Beyond Macandrew Bay to the southwest and Raynbirds Bay and to the northeast lie Company Bay is the latter named for the house of James Macandrew, Colinswood. These little settlements may be considered “suburbs” of Macandrew Bay. Portobello and Broad Bay lies. These settlements are linked to every other and to the city centre in Dunedin by Portobello Road, a winding road which runs over the harbour shore of the peninsula. Both the sea wall which lies over the harbour border as well as the road were built by prison labour in the 1860s.